Class and type of applied part 
1, B (according to EN 60601-1) 
IP classificationIPX0 (according to the degree of protection provided by the enclosure with respect to harmful penetration of particulate matter or water)
Image acquisition 
Non-mydriatic (minimum pupil size 2,5 mm) 
Field of individual image60° (H) x 55° (V) captured in a single exposure
Sensor resolution14 Mpixel (4608 x 3288)
Light sourceinfrared (825 – 870 nm) and white LED (440 – 650 nm)
Wide field Mosaicout to 110° (H) x 95° (V) in automatic mode
Wide field Mosaicout to 150° in manual mode
Working distance28 mm
Resolution60 pixel/deg
Optical resolution on the retina15 microns
Pixel pitch4.9 micron
Imaging modalitiescolor, infrared, red-free
Unit SizeW 620 x H 590 x D 360 mm
Unit Weight25 kg
Power supply 
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz 
Power consumption80 W (see label)
External power supply 
3D Joystick with holder 
Tablet with holder and USB cable 
User manual 
Lens cap 
Removable forehead-rest 
External fixation 
Other Features 
Imaging modalitiescolor, IR, red-free
Automatic operationauto-alignment, auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto-capture
Auto-focusing adjustment range-12D to +15D
Dynamic, programmable internal fixation target, in every position of the field 
Tablet operated, with 10.1” multi-touch, color display 
Wi-Fi connectivity through tablet 
Ethernet connection through device 
Patient presence sensor 
Hard diskSSD, 240 GB